Ow, my head!

Just got done learning about for and while loops in Python. Sorta makes sense, I just wish this book had some real-world examples of when these commands are used.



Whew! Just finished Chapter 3 of Python for Kids

That was…starting to get challenging! I notice that it’s just like a foreign language: the more you practice, the more you get better at it. Inversely, the longer you go without using it the harder it is to come back to you.

Case in point: yesterday morning when I was working on this chapter, it’s explaining how to use % and %s to store and later recall a variable when you hit print. In particular, as you insert that variable in a string.

One of the final chapter exercises asks you to create 2 variables: one with your first name and one with your last name. It then asks you to create another string with a greeting message and print the message so it reads “greetings, whomever”. I remembered walking through that code snippet in the book yesterday but when it came time to recall it, I had a tough time.

I also learned about tuples and maps. One thing that stood out to me on maps is that when I printed the code snippet on my shell from a map after a couple of edits, the order changed whereas the book’s code snippet did not. The content didn’t change, just the order. What gives?

p4k python 


Computer hacking skills

I’ve made it through 2 chapters of Python for Kids today. They were the first two chapters, which helped me understand a few basic concepts and ideas of Python.

The one thing that surprised me the most is how straightforward it all appears to be, from a word processing standpoint. I remember from previous attempts at learning how to code with going back, copy and pasting, and other such word processing tasks the tools I used was not very forgiving with letting you cursor up and down, delete, etc.

This is fun, chapter 3 covers strings, tuples, lists and maps but it’ll likely have to wait until later this weekend.



I’m not a kid, but I just bought Python for Kids

I’ve been dabbling with wanting to learn how to code since the beginning of this year, starting with Codeacademy’s campaign of learning how to code in 2012. However, I tried it and it seemed to require some base knowledge of coding. So I quit after a couple of weeks.

I needed something that dumbed it down. To quote Denzel Washington’s character in ‘Philadelphia’, something that explained it to me “like I am a 4-year-old”.

Enter Python for Kids. Python for Kids is a book I found out about while perusing Hacker News yesterday and after reading through a few pages of it on Amazon it seems like it’s exactly what I need.

So Happy Stocking Stuffer present to me! Look for chronicles from this journey with the hashtag p4k.


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