United Breaks Guitars - and Bloggers, now, too

In 2009, musician Dave Carroll made the now-Internet famous song regarding his ordeal with United Airlines’ breaking his much-beloved musical instruments.

Fast-forward to 2013 and United has another social media crisis in its hands: blogger Matthew Klint and this innocuous picture of his United BusinessFirst seat. You see, on February 14, Klint boarded UA 904 to Istanbul, Turkey and despite his cooperation when told that he could not take pictures was allegedly verbally berated by a flight attendant (FA) and subsequently thrown out of the flight by the Captain.

Klint’s blog comments include a handful from other UA 904 passengers who all state that the FA flew off the handle despite Klint’s calm demeanor and cooperation.

I work for the PR department of a cloud computing company. Can you imagine if I pursued with great vengeance and furious anger those who use our products and take screenshots of dashboards to write reviews and  blog posts? It sounds silly when you translate it to another industry, doesn’t it?

Why would any business anywhere ever be interested in punishing a loyal flyer and a promoter of their product?

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