Today Will Be Interesting (or why I am purposely sleepwalking)

Being the tennis fan I am, I chose to not go to sleep last night and stayed up to watch the Australian Open final. Poured myself a cup of coffee around 215am and it kept me going until 515ish, or until the end of the first or second game of the 3rd set.

I flat out passed out at around 515 until 630, right about the time Djokovic took a commanding 4th set lead to end the match in a few more minutes. I contemplated going to bed after the trophy presentation, around 7. But then it’s like, what’s the point? I’ll just sleep til 10-11 then get screwy again tonight. I’ll just power through the day and go to bed early tonight.

Thankfully they only play the Australian Open once a year! It’s been worth the sleeplessness. It’s fun to see tennis enter another golden era where there are as many as 4-5 guys always in the mix for any given title.

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